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You are an apprentice under your Zhakoran father, who just happens to be the head mechanic of Cybrris Village. In the heart of the ocean rainforest, a mechanic’s job is quite straightforward: maintain the paddles that churn the ocean’s surface to keep refraction monsters at bay. Following the Era of the Second Lunar Cataclysm, Still Water became a dangerous state. Even the Ark Confederation’s ships dare not venture into tranquil seas, favoring the vicious patches of ocean tempest.

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Lyo Fang 方佳音

A. L. Harjanto started composing music in 2015 under the alias/record label of "Llyona Fang" and began creating a project called ReversalRain. More than an experimental band, ReversalRain incorporates Fang's artistic and musical works into webcomics, soundtracks, video games, concept art, and stories featuring their original characters.   Read More >>

Email: ReversalRain@gmail.com

Instagram: @LlyonaFang